This trial is destined for first ever timer in Brazilian jiu jitsu at our club, what is included?

  • 5 non consecutive days to be used over 2 weeks time only at the following class times: 12.15pm and 6pm Monday to Friday & 9am only on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • We will provide you with a white kimono, and a membership ID that grants you access to the club.

On the day you will only need water to stay hydrated, flip flop to wear as soon as you pass the gate and every time you are off the mat, as we have a very strict policy about hygiene on and off the mat!  Also bring with you t-shirt and short to keep underneath the training gear. Please make sure to come early enough to get all your gear sorted in time for the class start time.

A 80EUR fully refundable deposit is required; if you decide that jiu jistu is not for you just return all the gear in same condition and the membership ID and we will refund you on the same day.

For further information please make sure to read all Term & Condition of our membership agreement before sign up.

Press the bottom below and come in for your first trial and we will be more than happy to guide you into your jiu jitsu journey towards the black belt!