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Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

You hear a lot of people saying that Brazilian jiu jitsu has changed their life, but what does it mean? What they mean is that the changes goes straight beyond what you can actually see, and we all know that it is the things you cannot see that have the biggest impact on your life. Join our family for a taste of it.

The most obvious is the physical benefit to your body; it will teach you patience and persistence, not only, but also how to take quick decision and deal with stress. 

BJJ allows a small and weak person to submit bigger opponents with the use of proper techniques, especially when the aggressor has no ground fighting knowledge, so it has gained popularity as a system if self-defense in recent years.

How do the belts work? What is graduation day?

BJJ uses a belt system. Beginning with white belt, adults progress through blue, purple, brown and eventually black. The length of time you will take to achieve your next belt is directly related to your commitment to the sport, to the rules and attitude you have. We normally have two days a year where we reunite all together and celebrate the achievements of each others, this is the day when you might receive your belt or stripes, graduation day. A graduation can anyway happen any time the professor decide you are ready for the next belt.  

Kids follow the same system; only difference are the colors of the belt: white, grey, yellow, orange and green, once they turn 16 they are officially adult and elegible to receive their blue belt. 


What do parents do during kids class?

Only children participating in the class can be on the mats, siblings must stay with their parents.

Parents are not allowed to coach their children or interfere in any way during class. On the very first day you will be allowed to watch the entire class of your kid but afterward we kindly ask to wait on dressing room area; as your presence beside the mat can affect their behavior while training.

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