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“Top class instructors.”

Started three months ago after a year of kick boxing. It's a different beast, quite technical and great for fitness, strength and self defense. Top class instructors and a cool crew all round. Highly recommended

— Rob Kelly.


“A dreamlike experience.”

"I contacted the gym via email to see who it could assist me in starting to learn BJJ. From the get go, Jorge and everyone one their was inviting, helpful, insightful and respectful. From talking via email to group and private classes. I did one private class and one group class a day for two weeks. It was condense and intense. Jorge taught me a solid and comprehensive foundation for a sport, system and way of life I have definitely come to love. I would recommend anyone to go here from people that have no experience to people that have years of experience. Their is something for everyone on all levels. It was tough, mentally challenging, fun and immensely rewarding. Both a school and a family. obrigado!"

 - Kalaan Sorrell 


I trained here for 3 weeks while I was in Dublin for a work assignment. I couldn't have asked for a better place to train. From the first day I walked in the gym, I felt right at home. Jorge is not only a great professor, but an ever better guy. The vibe in the gym is awesome and loved the intense training. If you're in the City Center, train here! #OSS

- Dominic Christian