This past weekend the club have been busy well representing in and out Ireland the team.

Amazing result for the small team that took the tip to Letterkenny with our coach Damien Dowling.

We got serious results, with Alexandre Pereira taking home gold in WHITE/ADULT/-70kg and a well deserved second place in the absolute ; 9 fights 8 submissions. A real beast!

Vincent Doherty also great performance makings sure to get gold at PURPLE/ADULT/-70kg and third place at the purple absolute.

Graham Brodigan from our affiliation Vibe Jiu Jitsu secure a second place in his division.


Criss Dune, also from Vibe jiu jitsu academy, managed to take home the silver medal.

Congratulation also to Ibrahim Khalili representing master blue belt.

Professor Jorge Santos had, instead represented with Laura, the team oversees!

Double gold for each of them, securing also the absolute prize!

What a great weekend!